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Triple Net Investing — Winning Starts With A Solid Team of Professionals!

Perhaps you are an experienced participant in the arena of triple net lease investing. Or you are a successful investor in other asset classes considering a new area of opportunity. Team NNN is here to maximize your results whether you are looking to purchase or sell a property.

As you know, the appeal of any NNN is in its ability to deliver predictable income based on a lease that requires the tenant to pay monthly rent as well as those magical Triple Net expenses:

  • Property taxes
  • Property insurance
  • Maintenance

The model is the same whether you invest in a freestanding bank, single-tenant office building, or any number of other properties serving specific industries. You can focus on one business segment such as auto parts or dollar stores. Or you may feel more comfortable diversifying among several segments. You can experience the pride of ownership every day by investing in your own community, or purchase in a number of different geographical areas to hedge against local economic fluctuations.

Whatever course you choose, Team NNN can help you make prudent, informed decisions based on a thorough analysis of every aspect of any property — whether it is here in the Southwest or anywhere in North America. We routinely assist clients and work with their legal and financial advisors on issues of tax deferment, lease renewals, tenant creditworthiness, asset management, and every other detail associated with a property from the day it’s acquired to the day it’s sold. And then we help them reinvest because, frankly, winning at NNN will become an essential part of your long-term investment strategies.

To discuss how Team NNN can help with your winning Triple Net strategy, call Tim House at 505.998.1031 or email today.

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