Team NNN Acquisition Strategy:

Acquiring a Triple Net property — Identify your goals before the property

Whether you’re looking to buy your first Triple Net investment property, or you already know the satisfaction and performance an NNN can provide to you, Team NNN can provide the support you need to make a winning selection. This is true if you’re seeking to invest in property here in the southwest, or anywhere in the U.S. including the 160 markets served by the Sperry Van Ness Organization.

Finding the Right Triple Net Property

A successful property search does not start by looking at meaningless listings. As a Team NNN client, we help you identify and establish your goals for your ideal Triple Net investment. Some of the benchmarks to establish include:
• Income yield
• Income stability
• Tenant credit rating
• Acquisition timing
• Property type
• Tenant(s) business
• Location

Only after the parameters are established, does the search begin. Team NNN will identify prospective matches for your consideration from our Sperry Van Ness database of available properties. With our extensive knowledge of the marketplace, we are also able to identify those properties that meet your needs but are not yet listed. Frequently, Team NNN creates a transaction by approaching a property owner regarding their potential interest in selling. These owners are generally found in one of three groups:
• Current investors in need of disposition proposals
• Builders and developers looking for a sale after completion
• Owner/users or franchisees occupying their own properties to operate who may be open to a sale/leaseback

Negotiating the Purchase to Meet Your Needs

Once a suitable property has been identified, Team NNN will work with you and your financial advisors to craft the offer. After submission to the property owner, we will negotiate on your behalf. We will also assist with the Purchase and Sale Agreement, and make sure that your compliance with 1031 exchange requirements is strictly maintained.
(Link) If required, we can also assist you with financing through our multiple lender contacts to provide the most competitive rates and terms.

Completing the Purchase— Securing the Future

Once the purchase and sale agreement has been executed and escrow opened, your Team NNN transaction coordinators take control to ensure all critical dates are met and all due diligence requirements are fulfilled. Making sure that there are no surprises is our utmost concern.

The entire transaction process is transparent and available to you at all times via Team NNN’s online transaction platform. You will be able to log in to the highly secure Command Center at any time, day or night, as your schedule requires, to review documents and check progress.

Ultimately, whether this is your first or fiftieth Triple Net acquisition, Team NNN will establish new standards for performance at every stage.

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